Cheese Delicacies

Enjoy Our Variety of Delicious Domestic & Imported Cheeses.

Our imported cheeses come from multiple regions across the beautiful Italian Peninsula. We carry famous Tuscan cheese and parmigiana reggiano from Toscana. We also carry cheeses from Lazio and Abruzzi such as Pecorino Romano, Cacciocavallo and Scamorza. Enjoy our other international cheeses from other European countries such as Jarlsberg’s Ricotta salata.

A&S also makes it’s own homemade cheeses such as basket cheese, very popular during the Christmas and Easter Holidays, Boconcini, and of course our famous homemade mozzarella!

Enjoy a nice glass of wine with all the regionalized imported cheeses, domestic cheeses, and of course our homemade cheeses to really get a taste of Italy!