Our Deli

Our Deli Provides the Best…

…in Boar’s Head cold cuts as well as the finest regionalized imported sliced meats and cheeses. Choose from prosciutto di parma from the Toscana region, auricchio sliced provolone from the Lombardia region, mortadella and salami from the Piedmont and Lombardia regions, homemade sopressatta and dried sausage, sporessata from the Venetto region, homemade Capicolla, and other cold cut delicacies.

A&S Fine Foods also offers a variety of specialty cold cuts such as porchetta and prosciutto cotto from Toscana and bresaole from the Trentino region. We offer any specialty cold cuts and cheeses that would make for great appetizers, heros, and paninis.

Butcher Shop

A&S has the Finest in Meats and Poultry.

We pride ourselves in our domestic cuts of meat, which include the finest in porterhouse, filet mignon, New York strip, and prime rib steak. We also have a variety of exotic regionalized Italian meats like our Italian sausage (lamb and pork), liver, rabbit, quail, lamb, braciole, osso buco, veal and pizzaiola each prepared according to their Italian region.

Browse our selection of fine poultry, including from Bell and Evans chickens, perfectly cut chicken cutlets and of course our famous Gianni’s Chicken Burgers, which have been known as the best chicken burgers in New York!

Gourmet Cooked Foods

A&S Fine Foods has Evolved…

…from its origins of a pork store to a gourmet foods store ever since its inception in 1978. From offering only pork products and a few beef products in 1978, A&S has revolutionized the gourmet food market by offering a wide array of Italian food varieties from all regions of Italy. We offer Polenta (cooked in a variety of ways) in Northern Piedmont, Pesto, Broccoli Rabe, Minestrone, and Tripe from Lombardia, Pasta e Fagioli, Radicchio, and assorted beans from Northern Venetto, Bruschetta from Trentino, and Rosemary Foccacia from Toscana.

We also offer a variety of foods from middle Italy such as porcini mushrooms, truffles, lentils, stuffed vegetables (peppers, eggplant, artichokes), foccacia from Umbria, lasagne, fried artichokes, saltimbocca (stuffed breads), cacciatore, and puttenesca from Abruzzi. We proudly offer delicacies from Campania and Calabria where our family originated our most famous recipes.

We carry the famous pizza and dough from Napoli. Enjoy our baccala (cured cod) ravioli fritto (fried ravioli), mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella), cooked braciole, baked ziti, parmigiana di melenzane (eggplant parmigiana), cavolfiore fritto (fried cauliflower), prosciutto bread, pizza rustica, orangina (rice balls and potato croquets), spaghetti pie, zucchini pie – all foods originating from Compania and Calabria!

Fancy Pastas and Cheese

Enjoy our Extensive Varieties of Pasta.

We carry the traditional pastas such as Ravioli, Penne, Lasagne, Rigatoni, Spaghetti, Fettucine, Linguine, and Manicotti. We also carry regionalized specialty pastas such as agnelotti, risotto, and gnocchi from the Pedmont region, tagliatelli, bigoli, and pappardelle from the Venetto region, ciriole and stringozzi and casareccio pastas from the Umbria region, maccheroni alla chitara (guitar shapped pastas) from Abruzzi, and sciaffone, penonni, radiatore, paccheri, fusilli, and orechiette – all from Campania, and many more!

Enjoy Our Variety of Delicious Domestic & Imported Cheeses.

Our imported cheeses come from multiple regions across the beautiful Italian Peninsula. We carry famous Tuscan cheese and parmigiana reggiano from Toscana. We also carry cheeses from Lazio and Abruzzi such as Pecorino Romano, Cacciocavallo and Scamorza. Enjoy our other international cheeses from other European countries such as Jarlsberg’s Ricotta salata.

A&S also makes it’s own homemade cheeses such as basket cheese, very popular during the Christmas and Easter Holidays, Boconcini, and of course our famous homemade mozzarella!

Enjoy a nice glass of wine with all the regionalized imported cheeses, domestic cheeses, and of course our homemade cheeses to really get a taste of Italy!

Gourmet Salads

A&S is the Place to go for Salads.

A&S Salads include a variety of grilled and marinated vegetables, olives, roasted peppers, and pastas which are perfect for appetizers and side dishes and look wonderful for table displays.

We are famous for introducing our roasted peppers, bruschetta salad, grilled vegetables and mozzarella kabobs to the gourmet marketplace. Please join us and enjoy each and every dish that have made us famous for over 35 years!

Fresh Breads and Desserts

Fresh Bread from Two of the Best Bakeries in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, the heart of where all the best Italian baked goods are made. Our breads include French bread, semolina, and of course ciabatta and brick oven. Enjoy the taste and freshness of all of our breads to make the best sandwiches and panini or just enjoy them as a perfect supplement to any meals.

Our homemade prosciutto breads and stuffed breads are prepared daily. Our stuffed breads consist of spinach, pepperoni and mozzarella, sausage and pepper, and eggplant and cherry tomato. These stuffed breads are great for any occasion and make for a perfect lunch.

Fresh Baked Goods

Fresh Ingredients for the Freshest Baked Goods.

Either homemade or from the best bakeries in Brooklyn, A&S offers a wide variety of the best Italian baked goods. We make specialty goods from all regions of Italy, which include homemade cannolis, grain pies, fig pies, bucanotti, fig cookies, struffolis and many more! Our delicious baked goods also come from the finest Brooklyn bakeries that include assorted Italian pastries, cookies, cakes, and any dessert that is desired!

We also import all sorts of dessert goods like Panettone, Pandoro, and Torrone straight from Italy!

Please visit our store and our site during the Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc – to see the vast variety of goods that we offer!

Sauces & Italian Oils

Providing the Best in Fine Oils & Sauces.

Our sauces are made from the simplest and best ingredients using San Marzano tomatoes, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a lot of fresh basil. Try our array of sauces, including Filetto di Pomodoro, Marinara, Bolognese, Vodka, and more!

We also provide the best quality olive oils, including Sasso, Berillo, Colavita, and the best of all olive oils – Frantoia. Look for these olive oils and many more!

In addition to the oils and sauces that we provide we also have the best in tomatoes. We sell all sorts of San Marzano tomatoes, which include Scalfani, Pastene, Pastene DOP and many more!